PTSD Treatment

Is PTSD Preventing You From Achieving A Fulfilling Life?

Are you considering PTSD treatment?

Has your life started to feel small and rigid because you have to stick to your routine to feel stable?

Maybe you are avoiding anything that could bring back a traumatic memory or arouse charged feelings.

Is your life lacking pleasure become you are so accustomed to feeling numb?

Are you always preparing for the worst and struggling to let go of tense feelings, even when you try to sleep at night?

Maybe you suffer from nightmares or are easily startled.

Do you wonder what it would be like to trust others and have more flexibility in your life?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself and others, as though you are just watching life go by?

Do you want to connect with people and form deep relationships, but feel too afraid to get close?

Have you lost friends and family because you are on edge all the time and ready to go off at any moment?

Does it feel safer to simply be alone and depend solely on yourself?

If you can relate with some of these feelings, you could be experiencing PTSD.

You Might Question If You Have Ever Had A Traumatic Event.

Dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic experience can be difficult to handle whether you are dealing with a big trauma or complex trauma. A big trauma is a single traumatic event such as war, a natural disaster, a crash, death of a loved one, rape, etc. Complex trauma is an accumulation of trauma within the context of family and other intimate relationships that happen repetitively over time. Some examples are: family dysfunction, neglect, abandonment, child abuse, bonding issues, domestic abuse or prolonged stress. Complex trauma can be harder to identify, but both can affect you in similar ways.

PTSD is actually one of the top reasons people seek out therapy. Whether a single event or a long-term stressor has impacted your life, PTSD treatment is known to be effective.

You Can Be You Again.

PTSD treatment can help you relax so you can open up to life. I specialize in PTSD treatment in Boulder and am here to help you heal from the past so you can be present for your life now. I understand the emotional pain trauma can cause, and I am here to help you recover from whatever you have been through no matter if you have experienced a single trauma or complex trauma. Trauma of any kind is a thief that steals the vitality from its victim’s life. I know it can be hard to reach out and ask for help, and I am glad you are looking to take this huge step in the right direction. Life does not have to be a constant struggle. I want you to know that it is possible to gain a sense of safety in the midst of strong emotions. Few things can match the rewards of recovery!

What Does PTSD Treatment Look Like?

During therapy, you are free to share openly and honestly, without any fear of judgment. I provide a safe and accepting environment regardless of sexual, gender, cultural or spiritual orientation.

In addition to providing a supportive environment, to ease your PTSD symptoms, I can help you learn and use new coping skills and mindfulness techniques. By acquiring these positive coping skills, you can learn to manage and respond to stress in a more healthy way.
In a way that may be unique for you, my body-centered approach can help you develop the ability to listen to your body in order to understand what is a real threat and what is past trauma. Over time as your anxiety calms down– you will feel more confident that you can get through the challenges life brings. As a result, you will feel able to handle stress and live your life with more peace and freedom.

You might believe that through PTSD treatment, you can indeed find healing in your mind, emotions, and body, but still have questions or concerns …

Will I Have To Relive My Trauma In Sessions In Order To Heal?

My very first priority is to keep you safe during a session, and I have specialized training geared towards ensuring such safety. During PTSD sessions, I am particularly sensitive to responding to what you need and feel comfortable expressing in the moment. I will never force you to do anything you are not comfortable with: I aim to help you regain the ability to speak your truth.

Many individuals need to revisit the traumatic event in order to heal, which can involve retelling the story and reprocessing it in new ways. However, that is not always the case. The good news is that our bodies know how to heal from trauma and can release the stress without having to talk about it. This can look many different ways. Sometimes, all it takes is feeling safe and accepted in a relationship. Other times, healing may come from the process of bringing awareness to habitual thoughts or emotions that are keeping you stuck. Every person is different, and I will work with you and follow your cues.

How Will Therapy Help Improve My Personal Relationships?

It is important when searching for a therapist that you find someone whom you can build a relationship with. You can think of a therapy session as a scientific lab. In other words, it is okay to try and experiment with new things without the kind of consequences that you might experience in a personal relationship. In each session, I will gently help you gain more insight into your relationships outside the session. Through this type of experimentation, you can gain more effective communication skills to help you express your needs without putting others on the defensive.

PTSD Treatment Is Not For The Faint Of Heart- Will It Be Worth It?

This is a great question! You might be wondering if PTSD treatment could break you. Many people feel scared to work though their trauma. In my PTSD work, I go very slow to ensure you can handle the pace and I get my cues from you as to what you are ready for. We will start out slow and most people make a lot of progress and say they feel in the end that it was worth it. Their day to day life is easier and their relationships improve.

You too can experience freedom and balance in your life.

“April’s instincts for how to help people in any given situation are exceptional. She intuitively connects with people at a core level, and she is skilled due to her authenticity and wholeness.”

~Valerie Engel, M. Div., CDP

I invite you to download my free report to learn whether you have PTSD and need treatment. It may help answer questions about how to cope without counseling. 
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April Lyons, MA, LPC is a somatic psychotherapist and currently owns a private practice in Boulder, CO. She specializes in PTSD, eating disorders and child counseling. April is trained in EMDR therapy, TRAUMA INFORMED CARE and is certified as a Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapist. To find out more about April click herePsychotherapy Boulder.