Child Counseling

Child-CounselingAre You Worried About Your Child And Not Sure Where To Find The Right Help?

Are you considering child counseling?

Is your child having trouble adjusting in some way?

Maybe he or she is having persistent fearfulness and overreacts to situations.

Maybe your child has had a sudden drop in grades, loss of interest in activities or is expressing thoughts of suicide.

Maybe your child has withdrawn, preferring to be alone or is hearing voices.

Are you exhausted and out of ideas about how to help or where to turn?

Are you wondering how you can continue to co-parent harmoniously through yet another explosive, inconsolable, violent, loud outburst or another sleepless night?

Do you wish you could help your child experience more peace?

Many Parents Have No Idea Where To Turn To Find Help.

It is common for parents to feel lost when finding the right therapist especially in Boulder were the choices are overwhelming. You are wanting to make sure you find someone both you and your child can trust, but not sure where to start. A good first step is, making sure the therapist is licensed to practice in CO and holds a professional degree in counseling.

While finding a therapist with the right education and experience is important, it is critical to find someone your child feels comfortable with. One option is to meet with a therapist for a brief session before committing to regular visits. Many therapists offer a free consultation to make sure you find a good client-therapist match.

Your Child Can Overcome A Mental Health Issue.

Child CounselingChild counseling can be extremely effective in helping children learn to express themselves in healthier ways. It also can build on what you, as a parent, are already doing, as well as offer support, education and new concepts to try at home. Being a parent is hard regardless of your unique situation, and there is nothing wrong with seeking help.

Over the years, I have helped children and families in Boulder find solutions while focusing on strengths. There is no one right answer for how to help your child feel happy and confident because each child is unique. In child counseling, I will help your child find balance and ease. Together, we can find what your family needs to move out of crisis and have peace.

You may believe that child counseling can help you achieve balance with your children, but still have questions or concerns…

If My Child Won’t Talk, How Will You Know What Is Going On?

Since children usually express themselves in non-verbal ways, I use my training in play therapy as the medium for finding clues to what is happening in your child’s world as well as for helping your child express past events. Many times, behavioral issues arise because a child did not get to fully process an experience from an earlier age, which causes them to feel stuck and makes adapting to a changing environment more difficult. During child counseling, I will help your child process these issues by utilizing play to speak a child’s language. Because children most often use metaphors instead of direct language, sometimes all it takes is having an environment where a child can safely reenact issues and form new responses. The good news is, as your child overcomes his or her obstacles, your child will start to act more like his or her real age, bringing greater harmony and understanding to your family as a whole.

How Will Play Therapy Help My Child Learn New Coping Skills?Child- Counseling

As mentioned above, children encounter their world at an experiential rather than cognitive level. This is because the frontal lobe of the child’s brain – which is the rational part – is not fully developed yet. Because of this, children use symbols and metaphors when expressing themselves. In child counseling, it is my job to experience what it is like to live in your child’s world so I can use language to express to them what he or she is feeling. This modeling can teach your child to learn that feelings have names. He or she can begin to learn that naming their experience helps others better understand and help. In other words, it is my job in child counseling to be your child’s frontal lobe; with time and practice, he or she can strengthen his or her own ability to tap into the full brain, which in turn can help him or her cope in more rational ways.

We Have So Much Going On Already, How Will We Have Time For Child Counseling?

As your child improves, you will have more time to do the things that nurture you and bring you joy instead of worrying. You as a parent will be encouraged to take more time for yourself. Maybe this means you need to have more alone time, or that you and your partner need time without your child around. What ever it is that nurtures you, your child will thank you for making yourself a priority. You do not have to burn yourself out or trudge through life doing things you think you have to do. This does not make you feel good as an individual or a parent.

Your desires are important too. It is possible to meet on middle ground and to experience harmony in your life without compromising what matters to you.

How Will I Be Part Of My Child’s Therapy?

I will meet with you after each session with your child to discuss what themes came up during the session and communicate what it seems like your child might be trying to express. At that time, we can brainstorm how to best meet your child’s needs. Sometimes, all it takes is figuring out what children are feeling and letting them know we understand.

Also, I will be available to answer any questions or concerns you might be having along the way. You do not have to do this alone. I am here to help.

April’s gifts as a therapist include a grounded, accepting presence, patience, and a profound willingness to listen. Her deep repertoire with children and families highlights her basic attitude of kindness and generosity of spirit, and you know when you’re with her that she wants the best for you.”

~Jennifer Beauvais, MA, LLC, Founder of Mountain Family Home Therapy

It is possible to find the right help for your child. If you are ready to give it a try and want to see if we would be a good fit, simply, contact us for a free consultation.

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