About April

April LyonsHow I Got Here

I have always enjoyed listening to people share their true thoughts and feelings. When I was small, my grandmother and I would sit out on the back steps and she would tell me all her fears and worries as the sun went down across the beautiful landscape of New Mexico. I noticed that, just because I was present and curious, my grandmother would find her own answers, and her worry would melt away. My interest in this healing phenomenon progressed as more people naturally confided in me and I continued to observe the same trend. This powerful act of service sent me on my journey to gain more knowledge of the human psyche. It was no surprise to anyone when I decided to become a therapist as a professional.

It’s Been A Winding Road

My journey, however, was not straightforward. It never is. It is a long story – but in short – I was not ready to go to college. Instead, I wanted to do something in the helping field. So, I decided to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Finding myself in the middle of someone’s life was captivating. One minute, they were going about their business and the next, I was there with them in a desperate time of need. What an honor to be “invited” in during such a vulnerable time. I felt a great sense of responsibility to use my skills of being present and interested hoping to make healing easer down the road.

Although I was doing what I loved, I noticed something major was missing. In my EMT training, we were taught to focus only on the body part that was injured rather than on the whole being. In other words, we had been trained to neglect the emotions, sensations, or meanings that a traumatic event had on someone’s life, which I realized runs parallel to what society had been training me since an early age. This experience further propelled me on my path and led me to Naropa University, where I obtained my Master’s in Somatic Psychotherapy.

Twenty years after becoming an EMT, I’m still on a mission to reclaim my true self and to help others do the same. We are born knowing exactly what we need and how to heal. We are bombarded daily, however, with opinions and expectations from others that in turn cause our “knowing” to be blurred. As a result we become dis-eased, both physically and emotionally.

IMG_0016Let’s Hear It For Rocket Man

I have lived in Boulder for the past ten years and plan to make this my forever home. I enjoy exploring the vast open space and am enchanted by the mountain views. My favorite activity is combining nature with friends and family. What an amazing blend! Also, my love for music and movement has introduced me to the large dance community dwelling in the Boulder area. On the home front, my huge tabby cats name Rocket Man and Onyx brings me nonstop love and warmth.


I am devoted to living life from my true being and am committed to helping others have the life they want, not the life others want for them.
More about April:

In addition to having an MA from Naropa University in Somatic Psychotherapy, April contracts with a Boulder outpatient eating disorder center and a psychiatric hospital leading creative art therapy groups. She is certified in Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy EDIT™ and trained in Play Therapy. April is also trained in EMDR, TRAUMA INFORMED CARE. She has worked for years with families and children experiencing trauma and abuse. Her attachment-based approach is effective for addressing PTSD, relationship and self-harm issues. This approach focuses on learning to improve one’s sense of self, which results in the ability to develop greater self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love. 

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