Choosing a PTSD Psychotherapist: Your 5 Step Guide to “Professional Help”

PTSD Psychotherapist

When traumatic things happen, your mind and body react. Sometimes you’re the victim. Sometimes you’re a witness. And sometimes a particularly disturbing experience can fester inside you. Afterward, you may find you live in a tense, on guard condition…… Read More

Choosing an Eating Disorder Psychotherapist: 5 Tips to Getting the Help You Need to Heal

Eating Disorder Psychotherapist

An eating disorder psychotherapist requires understanding and effective treatment. You have a right to it. You deserve it. And with it, you’ll feel better about your body and your ability to live the life you really want. Psychotherapy… Read More

4 Things I Have Learned About Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating

Intuitive eating finally clicked one day for me. Just like that, it all made sense. It can happen for you too. Ask yourself the following:  How much time and mental energy do you put into a natural born… Read More

Eat What You Want When You Want It

Host Katya Silvinskaya interviews April Lyons on “diet recovery” ~ allowing yourself to eat what you want, when you want it. To listen to the full interview Click here April Lyons MA, LPC, R-DMT owns a private practice in Boulder and… Read More

Is Your Body Image Suffering? 3 Ways To Stop the Hate.

body image

Think about your body. Right now. Wait! Did you catch that? Why did that negative body image thing just happen?  What made you roll your eyes or cringe? Why did you shy away from thoughts of your body altogether?  What is causing… Read More

PTSD and Bipolar: 5 Ways to Take Charge and Find Relief.

PTSD and Bipolar

  Do you have PTSD and bipolar disorder?  How are you doing? Are you struggling to find relief? Do you wonder how you can manage the two together? Do you long to find more freedom in life? Please… Read More

Treating PTSD With Mindfulness: 4 Reasons Why It is Successful.

Treating PTSD

Treating PTSD with mindfulness, if we really stop and think about it, is an ideal place to begin dealing with your symptoms. For years you’ve been on high alert, on edge, suspicious, and in discomfort. How lovely would it be… Read More